Construction Insurance

What is Construction work Insurance?

In the world of construction, every project comes with its own set of unique challenges and risks. Contract Works Insurance, also known as Construction Works Insurance, is designed to offer comprehensive protection for various aspects of construction projects, including both material damage and legal liability. Whether you are a builder, a tradesperson, or a subcontractor, this type of insurance can safeguard your investment from a multitude of potential risks, some of which may be beyond your control.

As well as providing cover for losses to the build project caused by insured events, Contract Works Insurance can include public and product liability coverage. This is essential as it protects builders and contractors from legal and compensation costs associated with accidental injury or damage caused to third parties during the construction process.

Customising Your Construction Work Insurance

Recognising that each construction project is unique, we at Statewide Insurance Solutions work closely with our clients to develop a policy that aligns perfectly with their specific needs and budget. From the scale and scope of the project to the types of materials used and the various trades involved, we consider all aspects to ensure that our clients are comprehensively covered.

Why is Construction work Insurance Essential?

In the volatile and complex environment of a construction site, numerous unexpected events can occur, potentially leading to significant financial losses. Fires can ignite, storms can cause devastating damage, and theft or vandalism can result in costly delays and the loss of materials. In addition to these risks, builders, tradesmen, and subcontractors are also exposed to potential legal liabilities. A simple accident on the site could lead to costly lawsuits and damage to the company’s reputation.

At Statewide Insurance Solutions, we offer two Contract Works (Construction Works) Insurance packages that have been designed to provide builders with construction-specific cover at a competitive price. We understand the risks and challenges builders face every day, and we realise that no two businesses have the same needs.

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    Navigating the world of insurance can be complex, particularly in a field as specialised as construction. That is why our team of expert insurance advisors is here to guide you through the process, answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and ensuring that you understand all the options available to you.
    Our commitment extends beyond just providing insurance. We aim to be a partner in your construction venture, providing expert advice and timely support when you need it most.

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    We are more than just an insurance provider; we are a partner committed to helping safeguard your construction projects from start to finish. With extensive industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the unique risks associated with construction work, we are uniquely positioned to offer policies that are as robust as they are cost-effective.
    Don’t leave your hard work to chance. Protect your investment, your future, and your peace of mind with Construction Work Insurance from Statewide Insurance Solutions.


    Construction Works Insurance primarily covers accidental physical loss or damage to building projects during construction. This includes coverage for materials in transit, onsite, and stored offsite. It can also include public and product liability coverage, protecting against legal and compensation costs tied to accidental injuries or damages caused to third parties during construction.

    While Construction work Insurance is not legally mandatory in most regions, it is highly recommended for builders, tradies, and subcontractors. Some clients or principal contractors might require you to have this insurance in place before you start work on a project. It is a critical risk management tool that can protect your financial stability in the event of an unexpected event.

    Absolutely. At Statewide Insurance Solutions, we understand that each construction project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop a policy that aligns perfectly with their specific needs and budget. From the scale and scope of the project to the various trades involved, we consider all aspects to ensure comprehensive coverage.

    With Construction Works Insurance, materials that are stored onsite, offsite, or in transit are typically covered up to a certain limit. In the event of theft, vandalism, or accidental damage to these materials, your insurance policy can cover the replacement costs, helping to keep your project on track without significant financial strain.

    For renovation or extension projects where the contractor has a contractual responsibility to insure existing structures, Construction Works Insurance can provide protection for these structures up to a specified limit. This ensures that you are not left financially vulnerable should any damage occur to the existing structure during the construction process.